Flame-background Over the last couple of days I have started church planter assessment and preparation for further training with Kairos Church Planting Support. Part of the preparation is taking assessments of everything from personality to marital health to readiness to plant a church–and of course, spiritual gifts. According to the spiritual gifts inventory, my primary spiritual gifts are: Leadership, Wisdom, Discernment, Teaching

I don't know about you, but whenever I take these tests, I'm amazed at how precise they can be…and mildly miffed that I continue to score low on things I wish I had more of. Here are the lowest in my gifts inventory: Craftsmanship (the lowest–Ok, I can live with that), Intercession, Mercy, Helps.

Granted, spiritual "gifts" inventories are really more "passion" inventories. They tell us how we are wired, not necessarily what we are good at or how we behave. One can act mercifully without wanting to. I have to do it all the time 🙂 One can serve even when one does not feel compelled to do so because they know they should.

Spiritual gift inventories are really passion inventories and are helpful for discovering our "sweet spot"–the place we can serve God with the most joy. However… I still can't help wishing at times I was a bit more this or less that. I bet you can relate.

Generally, however, we're better off working from our areas of strength rather than spending our lives trying to cover our weaknesses. This is for two reasons. First, it acknowledges the way we are made. The Bible says the Holy Spirit gifted us as He chose (1 Cor. 12:11) and we should have reverence for that. Second, we'll serve with greater energy and joy when we're in our sweet spot. God doesn't just love cheerful givers. He loves cheerful servants, as well.

When it comes to spiritual formation, it makes perfect sense to cultivate parts of our character that need formation or repentance. However, we will always serve best with that part of us that came pre-formed by God and enlivened by His Spirit at our baptism. 

So, as I help lead New Vintage Church from whatever meager gifts God has given me, I'll get to work on that craftsmanship weakness of mine 🙂 Or maybe I'll just be thankful for how God made me, and ask Him to complete the work He began in me as I open myself up to being completed by Him.

Question: Do you ever wish you had been "gifted" differently? How important is it for us to work on developing areas of "giftedness" we don't currently have?