Old School

On August 12, HOCC will begin a new sermon series called, Old School. I need some of you to help a brother (namely, me) out…I need you to help me by listing things that are "Old School." I’ll get you started.

  • Converse All-Star Hightops
  • Run DMC
  • Rubik’s Cubes
  • George Clinton
  • Atari 2600
  • Parachute Pants

Help me…

Dr. Tim Spivey is Lead Planter of New Vintage Church in San Diego, California. He is the author of numerous articles and one book, "Jesus: The Powerful Servant." A sought after speaker for events, Tim also serves as Adjunct Professor of Religion at Pepperdine University. Tim serves as a church consultant, and his writings are featured on ChurchLeaders.com, Church Executive magazine, Faith Village, Sermon Central, and Giving Rocket.

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13 thoughts on “Old School

  1. I’ve recently started a blog, the info you provide on this site has helped me greatly. Thank you for all of your time & work. “It is no use saying, ‘We are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.” by Sir Winston Churchill.

  2. Not locking front doors when we went
    Red Rider BB guns
    Lionel Trains
    No bicycle helmets
    Madras shirts
    Leisure suits
    57 Chevies and 66 Mustangs
    Drive In movies
    Knew all the neighbors.Not just next door.
    Fanner 50’s.(you may have to ask me)
    Peanuts in nickel tubes.
    Puring those peanuts into a Dr. Pepper. (also 5 cents)

  3. I’m a child of the 80’s-
    Jelly shoes
    New kids on the block (yes I’m ashamed to admit that one)
    Slap bracelets (probably outlawed now)
    Walkie talkies
    TV show Alf (still an all time fav)
    Cabbage Patch kids
    Choose your own adventure books
    Tetris (best video game of all time)
    Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, My little pony
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo
    Mullet Haircuts and the Jerry Curl (bad choices all the way around
    He-Man and the masters of the universe
    Transformers, GI Joe

  4. I can only thing of a couple more…
    bottle Cokes and Dr. Peppers (still the best!)
    Ice Parlors and Soda Shops
    meat markets
    Jewel Miller filmstrips 🙂

  5. Very nice, all of you…the teaser video that we produce will include many, if not all, of what you said…keep ’em coming. I’ll post the video when it comes out(in roughly 10 days).

  6. tight rolled jeans
    hollowed out tv used as decorative furniture
    Sunday night church
    the joy bus
    Mrs. Pac Man
    Bible bowl (sorry to those of you still doing bible bowl!)
    flat top hair cut
    penny loafers
    60 minute sermons

  7. Common sense
    My parents
    Smoking indoors
    Leotards at the gym
    Music videos on MTV
    Michael Jackson (African American)
    Affordable gasoline
    Bag phones
    Cars longer than motorhomes
    Drinking tap water

  8. -flip film projector
    -wooden baseball bats
    -tv with no cable or remote control
    -linoleum floors
    -little green army men
    -matchbox cars
    -bicycles with cards in the spokes and sissy bars
    -laying up in the back window of the car
    -hand crank ice cream freezer

  9. polyester suits
    short basketball shorts
    mimeograph machines (purple ink)
    whitewall tires
    phones with dials
    dads forced to stay in the waiting room during delivery

  10. tie-dyed t.shirts
    bobby socks
    white sports coat
    white buckskin shoes
    drive-in movies
    Oh no! Mr. Bill!!
    The Beachboys
    Jungle Gardenia perfume

  11. -bell bottom jeans
    -slide rules
    -ibm selectrix typewriters
    -cabinet style televisions
    -record players and 8 tracks
    -coffee table bibles (the huge ones)
    -a big wooden fork and spoon as wall decorations
    -shag carpet
    -good times vans
    Whoa! Somebody stop me!