Business Odyssey 203
Yesterday was a GREAT day at North County. The services were packed, the spirit was terrific, and, to be quite frank, it was really good to be preaching regularly again. Now, we're off and running. As you've heard me say many times here in the blogospere, North County brims with potential….and I can't wait to see what God is going to do here.

I was blessed to grow up at the Los Altos Church of Christ in Long Beach, who brought 40+ people (the majority of the church) down for the 11 o'clock service. What great friends and family in Christ. Afterwords, they all came over to the house for pizza and celebration. We downed 150 bucks of pizza in no time. My parents stayed a bit later, and we grilled burgers for dinner and talked about God's faithfulness.

Church wise, we're talking a lot about philosophy of ministry, excellence throughout the ministry system, and overall direction. Changing church cultures can be challenging, but the church seems wonderfully open to new ideas. So, we're off and running. Here we go…