Barack Obama has chosen Rick Warren to offer the invocation at his inauguration. Warren has accepted. I personally believe this gesture is made in good faith on both sides.

One well-respected news blog quipped, "Obama’s invitation to Pastor Warren is the clearest sign yet that when push comes to shove the president-elect will choose smart politics over principle.  In this case, Obama prefers the presence of a symbolic social conservative (a politically astute move) over appealing to the efforts by gay marriage activists to reverse Proposition 8 (a cause in sync with Obama’s stated principles). Could Obama’s motivation have been as simple as the faith and friendship he shares with Pastor Warren? If so, maybe he was preferring principle to politics by ignoring the pressure from the gay marriage lobby."

I think Rick Warren has more to lose than does Obama. Evangelicals are not likely to appreciate his warmth toward someone who holds Obama's views. Yet, other evangelicals may appreciate the olive branch that Obama seems to be offering in his selection of Warren. I myself am appreciative–especially given the heat that Obama is already taking from gay rights activists. 

How about you? Does it even matter?

As always, remember…friendly fire only please.