2Sunday night took my breath away. Before New Vintage gathered for the first time I had one of those thoughts you have the night before your wedding. You know, the thought, "What if nobody shows up?" However, the Lord provided mightily and New Vintage gathered for the first time in a far stronger manner than I expected. Not only did we have a better turnout than we expected, the spirit of those who gathered was absolutely beautiful.

Peter and Lindsey Wilson led worship with Ben Kehrer of Ranchland Church, and the praise was amazing. Under the current circumstances, Matt Redman's song "Blessed be Your Name" was almost overwhelming. I preached, Randy Armstrong offered a great Communion thought and prayers. Em and the girls baked homemade Communion bread and taking it with this new church family was unforgettable. Dozens of people signed up to serve right away in all sorts of areas…leaving me so grateful. It was a night of hope and healing.

Now, it's onward and upward. NVC has been birthed, though we won't launch officially until 2011. We need financial support, prayer support, and help to serve.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. 

In the next post, I'll have some big news to share and subsequent posts will answer some FAQ's about NVC.

We're gathering again at 5pm at Ranchland Church in San Diego this Sunday night.  Please pray for us.

P.S. The NVC logo design was made to be versatile (props to DJ Iverson). He's put together more than 100 iterations of the logo. The logo is consistent with the NVC's belief that some things never change (biblical foundations, etc.), but some things are always changing (strategies). Thus, the main logo always remains the same…but what's behind it changes to fit it's context. So, I'll continue to show new iterations of the logo in these posts. The stained glass logo from the last post is kind of the main stream logo and traditional form logo. This logo I can see emerging in the San Diego summer. Furthermore, we hope to put some of the church's art and photography behind the logo, thus signifying our belief in the full participation of the Body in ministry. For instance, the picture behind the logo above was taken by one of our core team members :) 

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