Now that Christmas has come and gone, what are we supposed to do with ourselves?

Answer: The same thing we are to do with ourselves all the time. Nevertheless, this time of the year sometimes imbues us with new resolve to be our best selves more faithfully. This is a good thing. So, go ahead:

Read your Bible more.

Be a nicer person.

Cultivate a real prayer life for the first time.

Live more frugally.

Love better.

Meet deadlines more regularly.

Manage anger better.

Set some goals with God’s guidance and pursue them by His strength. Here’s one I have: ” Ship ” more, ” process ” less. Somehow, this year—and maybe it’s from not having an office or concretized schedule—I got worse and finishing big projects I start. I used to be great at that. Now, I bat like .500…or maybe a thousand over twice the time in which I used to ” ship ” large projects ( ” ship ” being Seth Godin’s term for finishing). Sometime, I feel I’ve become more like the DMV—processing and taking longer to do things than need be. I’m going to get back to my old ways. It’s time for a shipping renaissance.

I have some deeper things, too. Spiritual things that I want to shore up—things that deserve attention.

How about you? Christmas is over.

Now what?