I've been a bit slow getting out my reflections on the inauguration in part because my sister blessed me with a new niece over the past couple of days. Yeah!!!

So, now I'll pause and offer just a few bullet points on the inauguration.
  • I appreciated Mr. Obama's speech. It was hopeful and clear.
  • I thought Rick Warren did a fine job, as well.
  • I thought the hype was a bit out of control…but it wasn't Mr. Obama's fault. It was the media's. 
  • On the whole, while I didn't vote for Barack Obama, I believe that the choices he's made (i.e., of cabinet posts, etc.) and statements he has made, on the whole, to be sensitive, measured, and wise.
  • My biggest fear about Mr. Obama's presidency is that his policies may lead to continuing moral decline in our nation. My greatest hope is that we might become a kinder, more fair, and more hopeful people under his leadership.
  • I thought the anti-Bush pageantry around the inauguration deplorable. We ought to be ashamed of ourselves for that.
  • The Obama's daughters are beyond cute. 

  What are your thoughts/fears/hopes on this historic moment in time?