What a week it has been. Not only have I learned a ton about
ministry, but I have experienced some of the greatest spiritual friendship I’ve
enjoyed in some time. God is good. One of the highlights of my trip into the
wilderness has been the Louisville Slugger museum and factory in downtown Louisville. As a baseball
fan, there isn’t much this side of Cooperstown that’s funner.

After taking my hacks in the batting cage, and watching a Roger
Clemens fastball in their pitching simulator, we got an opportunity to study
Louisville Slugger’s business model, and hang out in the boardroom/office of
the CEO

The climax…I was surprised to receive a custom made “Tim
Spivey” Louisville Slugger signed by the CEO of the company. Is this heaven?
No, it’s Louisville.

 Also, I bowled a 204 the first game I’ve played in a few
years. I won’t tell you that I bowled a 117 the second game due to the fact
that the bowling gods had turned against me and my hand was in excruciating
pain…due to being fat and out of shape.

 Still, it’s been all good. Tonight, I got to sit with my
friends and Bob and Judy Russell at the Southeast Christian Church Easter
Pageant. We were among the 80,000+ that are going to see it over the next two
weeks. Super cool. I talk some more about some of our learnings later. For now…the
fellowship is most on my mind.