The following prayer is a New Year’s prayer spoken by a friend of mine in an HOCC Bible Class…I hope you find it to be a blessing.

At Year End


We remember now, Lord,

our year gone by—

a year of loss

of separation

of disappointment.

A year of not being

our true selves,

but less.

A year of lost


to show kindness

to offer love

to provide forgiveness

to bestow comfort.


We ask your forgiveness

now, Lord.


But we also remember now,

our year gone by—

a year of





and hope.

A year of victories

large and small

where we heard

your voice

and saw your face

if only for a

brief moment.


We pour out our thanks

now, Lord.


We face now a new year, Lord.

We know not

what it will bring.

Whether clouds of doubt

or sunshine of clarity;

whether deep grief

or unimagined joy;

whether steep hills of

or green valleys of rest.

Whether days of anxiety

or weeks of calm.


We ask you now, Lord,

to be in each day

each step

each thought

each action

each endeavor.

We ask you now, Lord,

for a glimpse of

your love

your care

your guidance

your providence

for a touch

a smile

a surprise

to remind us again

and again

and again

that you are

ever present with us.

And that you call us

to hear your voice

to follow after you

and to pour ourselves

out in service

to each other.

We give you, Lord,

our year past.

We give you, Lord,

our days ahead.

For we can do

no more


no less.

Highland Oaks Church of Christ

December 31, 2006