Here’s another incredible prayer from my prayerful friend, RTRR as he’s known in the blogosphere…for vision and consecration in the New Year.

Have it Your Way

Now we launch a new year, Lord, and

as we have ever found it, this

one hasn’t yet given us many clues

as to what lies in store. The only

truth we know for sure is the same

one we discovered last year—we

won’t know what is down the road until we

start walking. So walk with us, please,


because our yesterdays have done their dismantling

work and in truth we find ourselves

fearful of taking that first calendar step.

For some of our families have been fractured

by loss of mother, father, husband, wife, child or

friend. And
some of our hearts have been

splintered by grief, greed, rage,

disappointment, fear or uncertainty.


Find us now, Lord, cautious, wary and

desperately in need of more courage than

we can conjure by ourselves. Find us

now, Lord, in hope of days of light and

nights of peace. Find us now, Lord, in

postures of anticipation of your company.

Find us now in attitudes of waiting.

Find us yielded. Find us still.


We wait for your comfort—the sense

of your presence—that tells us all

is well. We
wait for your vision—the

sense of direction—that leads us through

times and events we are afraid of without

you. We wait
for your permission—that

sense of forgiveness—to move on to new,

unexplored worlds of life, love and service.


And through it all, Lord—our hesitancy,

our not knowing the way, our brokenness,

our grief, our frustrations, our fear—

we seek your will. Come now. Speak to us.

Shout if you must till we hear your voice.

Come now. Lead
us. Pull us if you must

till we follow you. Wherever you want us

to go. This
year, Lord, have it your way.