A dear friend of mine penned and prayed this amazing prayer at HOCC. What a terrific prayer!

Nothing in My Hand

I wanted to bring you the best of last year, Lord.

Something beautiful.

Or holy or special.

Something that would make you smile

on me—make you proud of me.

I looked and searched for just the

right gift, but as you see

I’ve come to you again with

nothing in my hand.


I thought of collecting my tears for you, Lord,

tears for my sins.

I found plenty of sins

and a pool of tears I’d shed.

But I was caught short in my collecting

by the streams of mercy that

washed over me—taking my

tears with it, leaving me clean and with

nothing in my hand.


Maybe my energy or my zeal or

my hours of work in the

kingdom could be bundled and

wrapped into a suitable gift for

you, Lord. But
my gathering

and wrapping only produced a

shabby offering—not fit for a

king and surely not valuable enough

to exchange for your forgiveness.


Everything I tried to make into a gift

for you, Lord, from the inventory of

my life, turned out to be light

as air—my goodness, my

good works, my understanding,

my care, my intentions—

all collapsed into nothing. And in

truth I found myself naked,

helpless and very much in need.



Walk with me through this

year, Lord. Show me what

is real and valuable.

Open my eyes to my need

and to your bounty

so that at year’s end

I may have the privilege

of coming to you—rescued, and

with nothing in my hand.