Kairos I'm absolutely thrilled to announce New Vintage has signed on to partner with Kairos Church Planting Support. I have watched the maturation of Kairos from it's inception and believe this partnership will bless both NVC and Kairos in ways only God knows. The work that Stan and Gina Granberg, Scott and Kim Lambert and others do is amazing–helping plant new churches in new places for new people. They are also committed to planting churches that have their roots in Churches of Christ. Some have asked if New Vintage is going to be a Church of Christ. The answer is, "Yes." We have incorporated that way and will have a strong and vibrant relationship with our heritage in a non-sectarian way even as we continue to explore new horizons–focusing on Gospel and Kingdom first.

Kairos will provide New Vintage with coaching, assessments, support. In short, it will increase NVC's effectiveness and likelihood of success. I'm thrilled to be partnering with Kairos, and ask that you pray for their ministry even as you pray for NVC.