2 New Vintage Church is off to an amazing start! God has been so, so good. 

It’s been a while since I gave an update on New Vintage. So, here we go:

  • On December 5, 2010, roughly 15 people gathered for prayer and worship.
  • 10 weeks later, NVC averages a growing 135 in attendance. If the Lord blesses, we hope to have 175 regular attenders by our launch on April 24th.
  • The strong majority of our number are new people, just as we had hoped for.
  • We hope our first baptisms are a week or two away. We are sharing Christ with non-Christians and He is drawing them to Himself. It's amazing to see.

Two of our launch team (myself and DJ Iverson) grew up in Southern California and have a deep passion for reaching the people of this area. Peter and Randy have been in the area for some time and are equally committed to the same. The backgrounds and gift mix of our mission team are a great fit for this ministry context. We are experienced working together, know the ministry context well, and are committed for the long haul. I’m deeply honored to serve with Randy, Peter and DJ. They are godly, talented, and their families are willing to join the Spiveys in making the sacrifices our calling requires.

Southern California has cultivated some great leaders for the Church over the years, and many of it’s churches remain among the most vibrant and creative. However, the last 20 years in particular have witnessed the deterioration of some of the area's vital spiritual fiber–and many churches have closed their doors or faded into irrelevancy. The time has come for new churches in Southern California. Not just NVC…but many more, as well.

While the offerings of God's people have been stronger than I thought they would be (even in a tough SoCal economy), NVC is quite a ways from self-supporting. So, New Vintage needs the financial support of visionary people and visionary churches who have a passion for God’s work in Southern California and/or who wish to support the ministries of NVC missionaries—myself, Peter Wilson, DJ Iverson and Randy Armstrong. I’m asking you and/or your congregation to partner with us.

Our website is still very much a work in progress, however, you can find out more about NVC there. If your congregation is interested in helping sponsor NVC and you would like a ministry plan, you can ask for one at connect@newvintagesd.org. We are also a proud partner of Kairos Church Planting Support…who is providing us with assessment, coaching and support on the journey. We believe God is in the process of doing something big in Southern California. We are looking for visionary people and visionary churches to support a new church start in an area that desperately needs one.

When you support NVC, you will also support other churches in the area. Each of us plans to continue to serve churches beyond our own by as we have for years through writings, podcasts, consulting, conference/lectureship leadership, arts, etc. If you enjoy this blog, if you have been blessed by my ministry or that of Peter Wilson, DJ Iverson, and Randy Armstrong, please give to New Vintage. Within a few weeks, we will have a more refined online giving option. For now, you can give securely through PayPal by clicking on the button at the bottom of this post, or write a check to:

New Vintage Church

243 S. Escondido Blvd., Suite 531

Escondido, CA 92026

If you want to support a particular NVC missionary, please put their name in the memo line. If you wish to support the church generally, simply leave the memo line blank.

To keep up with what’s going on at New Vintage Church, Check out the New Vintage Church – San Diego, website, Facebook page, or follow @newvintagesd on Twitter 

Southern California needs vibrant churches committed to bringing people to Christ. NVC is one such church, and we thank you for your generosity and your prayers.

It's been a while since I've given an update from NVC…so, here's the latest:


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