Breaking Through Imaginative Gridlock - Tim Spivey

I’m pleased to announce the release of a new leadership experience I’ve authored, Breaking Through Imaginative Gridlock: Asking Better/Different Questions to Get Breakthrough Ideas, in partnership with Leadership Network through the app Leadia.

Leadia is a mobile app from Leadership Network that combines concise innovative ideas, dynamic embedded media, and integrated social networking. It includes nearly 10,000 words of text, several short teaching videos, and the ability to interact with other readers via social media. Learn more about Leadia by clicking here.

I created this Leadia experience to help those suffering the ministry equivalent of “writer’s block.” I believe some ideas with the greatest potential to help the Kingdom advance can come from those who don’t consider themselves very imaginative, but even the most “creative” among us will need to break through imaginative gridlock at some point. My hope is this leadership experience can be a step forward in that process.

Here are some excerpts:

  • “If a pastor senses the need for new vision in the church, his or her ability to envision a new future is typically proportionate to their ability to tolerate pain in themselves and others. It’s hard for us to admit the decisions we make–such as whether to end or begin a new ministry–are often impacted by the price that must be paid (emotional, financial, or otherwise). While we often suggest it’s the congregation’s “resistance to change” that is impacting our decision–it’s often our own “resistance to pain” that is to blame. Our ability or inability to tolerate pain in others and us is the single most important factor in our long-term ability to break through imaginative gridlock. We will limit our vision and decisions to the extent of our ability to endure the cost of the leadership in the church and in ourselves.”
  •  “Another way to say it is, their imagination is proportionate to the pain they can endure.”
  • “More important that cultivating a congregational context in which imagination can thrive is cultivating a soul in which imagination can thrive. It isn’t only, not even mostly, the emotional processes of the congregation that create imaginative gridlock. It’s us.”
  • “We typically only imagine what we think can happen, and what we can endure.”
  • “In the end, we must remember God didn’t put us here to be creative. He made us creative and put us here for His mission. Creativity serves ministry, not the other way around. The aim of our imagination’s is God’s glory. The aim of our efforts is His mission.”

If you want to purchase the entire leadership experience ($5.99), download the Leadia app from the app store, then choose Breaking Through Imaginative Gridlock. To celebrate it’s release, there will be a two-day sale for 99 cents tomorrow and Friday. Thanks for your support. I really hope it can bless you and your ministry.