There are several new features I’ve added to New Vintage Leadership in an effort to beef up the blog with relevant resources that you may not get just anywhere else.

  • I’ve kept some of the features of that were popular, like the “What I’m Reading” tool on the side. I haven’t decided if I’ll bring the “In the IPod” feature along. For now, I’m leaving it off. I’ve kept the blogroll and added a “leading churches” list beneath it. These churches will rotate from time to time, and they represent churches that are doing innovative ministry. It’s also a place to get acquainted with some lesser known churches that are doing great ministry–in addition to the better known.
  • Forthcoming: In the side bar toward the bottom, you’ll see a new feature called, “Leadership Vault.” This is a catalogue of books representing a “Hall of Fame” reading list, podcast list and media list for leaders. Any book in here I’ve read and believe to be among the greatest books on leadership I’ve ever read. The same applies to other media in the Leadership Vault.
  • Some resources in the Leadership Vault are scholarly, some are practical. They vary in fields of knowledge. In here, you’ll see the social sciences, business, theology, practical ministry, and even military tactics. Just know that if you buy and read anything in here…it’s going to be exceptionally good…in my humble opinion 🙂 I will add to the vault regularly, and it will grow over time. So, check back regularly.
  • Leadcasts are video or audio posts of interviews, podcasts, etc. from myself or other church leaders on relevant topics. This too will be built over time. The first is on the question, “Why is church planting so popular these days?”
  • Perhaps the most helpful new feature is the increased organization of the site. Now, you can click a topic on the navigation bar toward the top and all of the relevant posts will be there. I haven’t categorized all of the old posts by category, but hope to over time. If you’re looking for something older, just use the search bar at the top-right. All posts going forward will be categorized rather rigorously.
  • Advertising capacity. If you have an event or product you want to advertise on the blog, click on the ad block and follow the prompts. Costs are as low as allowed. As hits go up over time, these slots will represent a great value. Revenue from ads will go to off-set the cost of the blog. If you want to give to New Vintage Church, you can do so by clicking on the large block at the right side-bar.
There you go. Hope you enjoy the new blog. May it help us all grow as followers of Christ and leaders in His Kingdom.