1st 3rd serviceI get a lot of questions from friends around the country about NCCC. They want to know how things are and what it's like. So, this week's posts are, mostly, going to give some updates and theological reflections on NCCC. First, an update.

A month ago, we adjusted our schedule to add an additional service. We needed to make room…God be praised!

For those of you not familiar with the NCCC facility, we are on about an acre of land, with an attendance of about 800. That doesn't add up, as you know. We are blessed to be able to rent a city parking lot across the street, but it's still rather tight. We worship in a renovated health club, so we actually have two worship spaces identical in size on two different floors. 

Here are the new service times:

8:15 – Upstairs in English (the added assembly, pictured above)

9:30 – Downstairs in English

10:45 – Downstairs in English

10:45 – Upstairs in Spanish

I preach the 3 English services, and mi amigos preach the Spanish service upstairs on the same text and Big Idea. It's actually working out pretty well right now. The first Sunday we began, the 3 English services attendance came in within 6 of each other. Now, we see a bit of the natural ebb and flow of things.

Preaching 3 services isn't as bad as I was told it would be from some of my friends who do. It's like preaching two…but a little harder on the voice and brain. My buddy Jeff Vines, at CCV San Dimas, preaches something like 5 or 6 per weekend. Mark Driscoll has preached 8 on an ongoing basis before. So, I've got it good :). My hope is that God continues to add to his church such that we get to keep adding services. It's highly preferable to the alternative.