Top 10

It’s that time of year again–the time for the top 10 lists of this and that. Accordingly, here are my top 10 posts of 2012. These top 10 posts were based on a cross-section of clicks and comments—weighted toward views on this blog (as opposed to my republication on syndicating web sites). With that in mind, here they are:

10. Why Should I Stay? A conversation between me and friend about whether he should stay in his particular faith tribe.

9. 4 Reasons to Keep Church Fun. This offers simple reasons laughter makes churches better.

8. Let it Grow – Advice on Church Growth. Applying the Parable of the Soils to church growth.

7. -102,138: On Decline in Churches of Christ. What those in the trenches had observed for some time finally became more visible and quantifiable. Reflections on these statistics.

7. We are on the Same Team. Reflections on unity.

6.  Lessons Learned from Starting a New Church. ‘Nuff said.

5. When People Speak Ill of You. Who hasn’t been there? Out love them. Outlast them. Out fruit them.

4. A Simple Exercise to Help Your Church. A quick drill you can run to gage the obesity of your ministry system.

3. Is Your Church a Bad Hospital? Orienting the church around health, not sickness.

2. Laughing – A User’s Manual. This post had the most total hits of the year, but I downgraded it because the videos and images on the post (not only the content) were what drove the hit count. I still grin every time I see the toothless laugh of the old man in the picture.

1. Is Generosity a Sign of Spiritual Maturity? This post went viral under a host of different names given it by syndicating web sites. These titles were highly provocative, and chosen by the sites (not me). But they did get high traffic to this post which offered a rationale for why we ask our church staff at NVC to tithe.

I hope this little anthology helps if you missed some of these, want to look at them again, or forward these to friends. If there are posts or post topics you find helpful personally, I’d love to know what they are. Such feedback helps me a lot. As always, thanks so much for reading this blog.