Friday morning, the NCCC Elders received the resignation of the NCCC Finance Team. That resignation was followed by my own, as well as those of Peter Wilson (Worship Minister), DJ Iverson (Youth Minister) and Randy Armstrong (Minister of Administration and Small Groups). I'm sure it's obvious with that number of resignations at one time, there are very, very serious reasons for such. While many of the details of the situation will remain private (and some of them should), I pray the elders will be completely forthcoming in imparting information fairly and completely.

I made this decision with absolute conviction, and after roughly 18 months of observing questionable leadership and behavior as it pertained to our church's financial crisis. I made all of the calls for repentance and course change I am capable of. In the end, the Finance Team, myself and Randy Armstrong (church administrator) called humbly for the elders to resign. They declined, while offering an option I believed would further divide and damage the church. So, the NCCC Finance Team along with the 4 ministers mentioned above, tendered our resignations with heavy hearts and yet full conviction.

My love for the people of NCCC remains pure and our calling to the community remains. Thus, I and the aforementioned ministers will be part of launching a new church plant in North County, San Diego. I believe firmly in the reasons for doing such, and the decision has been bathed in prayer and tested by wise counselors and seasoned leaders in and out of ministry. Their advice was nearly unanimous and unqualified.

With the permission of the NCCC Elders, I am posting my letter of resignation here. I look forward to what God is going to do in and through this new congregation. I couldn't believe more in the team he has assembled and the vision he's set before us. This is a huge step of faith for all of us at this phase of life. We covet your prayers and blessings as we take this step. We are thrilled for the possibilities, and will post updates here on this blog as things progress.

To the Elders

It has been such an honor to serve NCCC over the past two-and-a-half years. God has worked in some unbelievable ways. In working with the elders, I have learned some valuable things about spiritual leadership. However, I have also come to the conviction that I can no longer submit myself as a leader to the elders of NCCC and thus must resign my ministry at North County. That hurts to type.

I don't believe the elders have shown the willingness or ability to change course from the direction they have set throughout the current crisis. I believe their decisions, on top of those made by (name removed), have compromised integrity and put the church in eminent peril.

I do not write these things lightly, and hope you will understand I am not angry with any of you. I do not believe you are bad men or that you have intentionally brought harm to the Body. There is much to be admired in each of your spiritual walks. However, I do not believe that, having observed you in action for some time now, this group of elders are qualified biblically.

The elders have made a string of disastrous decisions that have brought the congregation to the precipice of disaster. These decisions have been birthed by ethically questionable reasoning, conflicts of interests, and decisions based more on the protection of a long-time friend and large donor rather than on the best interests of the Body and adherence to God's standards of ethics. Furthermore, the elders have consistently demonstrated a quarrelsome (sometimes hostile) attitude toward those offering godly counsel and expertise–and have refused to heed their recommendations–almost completely. I believe the elders hearts are hardened. Words cannot express how deeply I regret the decisions made by (name deleted) and the elders that have brought our congregation to this point.

God's people need the ability to start new. I do not believe resigning and abandoning the flock will please the Lord or is in their spiritual best interest. Because I feel the call of God to this community and the desire to provide a spiritual home to those impacted by the current crisis, the Spiveys will remain in the area and plant a church that seeks to do so, reach the lost, and spiritually form people into Christ's likeness. I'm sure the elders will seek to do the same as they lead those remaining at NCCC going forward. This new church will not be launched as a competitor to NCCC, but instead as a sister and friend to NCCC. The church will differ from NCCC in some significant ways, as to differentiate it and avoid a competitive posture on either side. Once it launches, we will no longer mention NCCC–and will stay focused resolutely on mission. I would covet your blessing and prayers as I embark on this endeavor.

I with great sorrow resign my position as Senior Minister at North County Church of Christ, effective December 31, 2010. If desired by the Elders, this resignation will take effect immediately.

In addition to my resignation, please accept those of Randy Armstrong, Peter Wilson, and DJ Iverson as well. Each will tender their own letter today. I am simply notifying you early via this letter to give you appropriate time to find servants to fill key roles this Sunday should you desire to do so. However, each of us are willing to serve through the end of the month and help with a smooth transition to whoever will take our places. Randy and I are available to meet with the Elders, should you find it useful.

Your Brother, Tim Spivey