I went on an involuntary fast last night.

From technology.

Sort of.

I still had my cell phone and my television. But, I left my Ipad and computer at the office by accident. Initially, this created a sense of boredom and aimlessness. I don't have an addictive personality, I just enjoy the reading the news, surfing the web, and such. My wife might disagree. She thinks I spent to much time on that stuff. After last night, I believe she's right.

Technology can be a real blessing. I tweet, Facebook, surf the web, have a smart phone, etc. The positive results are there: I remain in touch with others and what's going on in the world. I also find it enjoyable–it's fun. The primary negative results is a sometimes divided mind heading in many directions at once. This can cause an inability to be fully present in the moment…and a bit of mental fatigue due to too many ideas pinballing around in one's head at any given time. So,

Instead of catching up on every bit of world news, sports scores, tweeting or whatever:

I watched an interview with former President Bush. I watched Conan's monologue.

I sat by the fireplace.

I read my bible. 

I prayed.

I went to bed…and slept…rather well, if I do say so.

Those are all things I do anyway, but I did them "better" last night. I did it with a relatively undivided mind. I even slept better. So, I've decided to ration myself a bit more. And, I've decided to declare a particular night of the week a tech fast. Who knows, maybe I'll make it a whole day.

I don't think the solution is to cut the cord completely. It's to make sure the cord remains electric and not umbilical.

Anyone else have an issue with technophilia? If so, what measures have you taken to moderate your tech usage? What other by-products do you see from too much tech usage? How does technology bless your life and ministry?