We don’t like Necessity. I don’t know why. Necessity pushes us to do things we wouldn’t otherwise do. We create, we provide, we grind, we are at our best. True, we humans are sometimes at our worst because of Necessity–life can feel like the Hunger Games at times. For Christians, however, necessity is a friend because she leads us back to God. When we don’t have any ideas, when the money is gone, when all seems lost, when stress chokes out all joy, Necessity is there–thank God, and she has brought out the best in me more than the worst. In fact, it’s the humility and drive necessity brings that has drawn me closer to God in my desperation. Toward God is always where a follower of Jesus wants to be. Looking back on my first 17 years of ministry, many of the best things I’ve done, thought, created, written, preached, or cried out to God have been on the elbow of my good friend, Necessity. I simply had to _____________, and it drew me near to God. I’ve come to realize that desperation sometimes leads to far better ministry than times of plenty. The reason is: I’m a better man during times of necessity. I’m a better man because pride is gone, my listening is peaking, and my passion for a new day is white-hot. I’m in step with God’s Spirit. The key is, then, to cultivate a heart of dependency on God that transcends our circumstances. I’m working on that. How about you? We all are…or should be. So about Necessity: Don’t despise her. Don’t flee her. Don’t rage against her. When you see her, take her arm, and know she wants to lead you toward God. Then, try to live as though she’s there even when she’s not.