Sunday morning at church, we announced the plans for Highland Oaks to open a second site in Plano this fall. For those of you who are not familiar with multi-site churches, the concept is "one church, multiple locations." To oversimplify, it’s like having two services, but one in another location.

You may ask how this all came about. The Lord blessed us with the opportunity to partner with a neighboring church. As I mentioned last week…partnership is almost always better than working separately.

I also believe that this will be a growing movement in Churches of Christ, as smaller churches grapple with their future while larger churches struggle with issues common  to them (parking, space, ministry to those who live a good distance away). While churches of Christ face a quickly drying minister pool from which to hire, one of their primary strengths is in the pulpit.  All of this lends itself to the multisite paradigm.

There are other churches of Christ exploring this idea, and a couple that also have plans to open a second site in this calendar year. At the end of the day, I believe the Lord is in this, and that we are doing this for the right reasons: mission, unity, and increased opportunities for spiritual formation.

Keep us in your prayers. We are experiencing a wonderful mixture of excitement and terror–as we will be somewhat pioneering this concept in churches of Christ. We aren’t afraid of brotherhood criticism, but of being inadequate for the task. The truth is that we are inadequate…and that’s why it’ll probably work. God will have to be in it. And if he is…everything’s gonna be just fine.

PS… Later in the week, I’ll post on the demon-possessed man at church this morning.