Mpt Yesterday, we talked about the importance of reaching men, and I began sharing some of what NCCC does to that effect. At the bottom of the post are links to MPTs web site, as well as to the ministry of 2 churches that I think do a fantastic job reaching men. Today continues yesterday's discussion. We left off with a partial discussion of the men's breakfast. Let's continue:

Some of those who prepare the MPT breakfast arrive at 4am to begin preparing food. The menu is not going to win any awards for nutrition…but that isn't really the goal. It varies from month to month a bit, but most of the time, it's biscuits and gravy, carne asada and eggs, pancakes, sausage, etc. It's hearty, greasy, and good. The devotional is usually comprised of four elements:

  • A raffle. Each guy gets a raffle ticket when they come in. If they win, they get some Christian CD or book. We have guys MC is that are funny (sometimes)…so it's enjoyable.
  • Guest introductions – Anyone who brought anyone with them goes through a line and introduces them to the group. We have at least 20+ guests at every MPT breakfast. Each gets either a 5$ Starbucks card, or some MPT gear.
  • Singing, prayer, Scripture reading of the MPT theme verse (2 Tim. 1:7). We dont' sing a ton…but that's OK. It's a good way to introduce guys to singing.
  • Devotional talk. Sometimes it's a guest. Sometimes it's a testimony, sometimes it's a video, sometimes it's an NCCC insider. 

Everything wraps up by around 8:30.

The men's breakfast is just the tip of the iceberg for ManPower Team.

MPT is also synonymous with heavy service at our church…especially helping with things that need…oh… manpower. MPT helps people move, sponsors beach BBQ's, the Men's Retreat, and men's classes throughout the year. They also help with security at some church functions (NCCC is in that kind of neighborhood :). They are just a great blessing to our church, and men throughout the area. Here's what I've observed makes MPT successful at reaching men.

  • It's fun.
  • It's manly. 
  • It challenges men.
  • The heavy service component keeps it from becoming consumeristic and …
  • The devotionals keep it from being another Elk's Lodge meeting.
  • It's an orientation to Christian manhood. The church takes half of the baton from there

I know Thabit (our Men's Ministry leader) has a lot of things he wants to improve and new Men's Ministry initiative he has in his mind's eye. It's such a blessing to have a group of guys that care about reaching guys.

What does your church do to reach men?

Here are the links for ManPowerTeam and some other churches that I think do a great job.

Christ's Church of the Valley (Arizona)

Mars Hill Church (Seattle)

The Rock Church (San Diego)