stream of consciousness

Yes, I know these humble posts are usually scheduled for Fridays. However, last week was good, but insane from ministry perspective. So, I’m posting Stream of Consciousness on Monday. Sorry for the 3 day delay, but the blog was made for man, not man for the blog.

Here are some things on my mind this Monday morning:

  • We baptized our beautiful daughter, Anna, yesterday morning. Of all my dad moments, it’s is unquestionably on the Mt. Rushmore. Anna is a born worshiper. God filled her soul with music and praise when He knit her together in her mother’s womb. I can’t wait to see what He’ll do with her in the years ahead.
  • How we anyone suggest, legally, it should be OK for a 15-year old teenager to choose to abort a child, but not OK to drive a car?
  • Also, why should teenagers need parental consent to sign up for soccer, but not for abortion?
  • I’m convinced the processes employed by many church planting organizations don’t serve church planting very well. This is primarily because they are rather costly, slow, and inflexible. Having said that, they do have value. I’m simply suggesting there might be better ways out there.
  • I can learn more in a day at a round table with thoughtful church leaders than at any conference out there.
  • But, I do love conferences.
  • New discovery: pizza with chicken and jalapenos.
  • I love jalapenos. I could eat them on my cereal.
  • Rick Atchley is a true preacher. He is an able communicator, as well. But there is a big difference between a “communicator” and a “preacher.” It’s hard for me to define the difference, but most of us know the difference–and it has something to do with biblical groundedness, spiritual authority and passion. I’d rather be a preacher than a communicator.
  • When I hear some of my colleagues talk about Kingdom, heaven or hell these days, their beliefs more closely resemble the Bahai faith than Christianity. In all of our efforts to build bridges, we need to make sure we aren’t setting fire to others–namely the one that leads in and out of the Gospel itself.
  • The Padres are creeping, ever so slowly, back to life. That noise you just heard was not the Giants shaking in their cleats.
  • I had a really interesting discussion with a friend this past week. We agreed that we think churches may begin to align themselves with a churches of like mind when it comes to ministry philosophy. This may happen in networks, etc., and less by denomination or “tradition.”
  • Congratulations to Rick Gibson and Mike Cope on job extremely well done on the Pepperdine Bible Lectures. I thought the Keynotes were particularly strong this week. I’ll have some more thoughts on Pepperdine later this week.
  • How did not spending money become good stewardship for churches?
  • One of the smallest, but most important financial decisions a church can make is what to do with its savings.
  • Here I mean, saving too much or too little, leaving it an account that bears little fruit, refusing to spend when they should or spending when they shouldn’t.
  • If money were no object, we would have all the church planters we needed.
  • But, would we have planters who were truly called?
  • Is there such a thing as a “calling” to church planting?
  • I taught a class at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures on the leadership crisis born of a dysfunctional relationship between ministers and elders. The response to the class was overwhelming. There is no recording of the class, but I will blog some of the concepts over the next few weeks.
  • If I had known they weren’t going to tape it, I could have told the really good stories 🙂
  • I’m really looking forward to The Great Gatsby coming out. Luhrmann is crazy, and the cast is amazing.
  • When was the last time you heard of a terrible umpire or referee being held accountable for being terrible?
  • I love the old-school looking NBA uniforms like those Indiana and Brooklyn wear.
  • In fact, I love nearly anything old-school.
  • In this life, nothing will shape you spiritually more than parenting.
  • Except marriage.

What’s on your mind this Monday morning?