Misery Index

The misery index is how US News and World Report recently ranked the nations worst airports. The index considers late/canceled departures and crowded flights. Here were their findings:

1. Detroit
2. Chicago O’Hare
3. Charlotte, NC
4. JFK/New York
5. Newark, NJ

For the Metroplex crowd, DFW came in #10, between Vegas and Denver.

The worst in my experience is Chicago O’Hare. Next would be San Francisco, and Laguardia. LAX has to be on there…but they are actually ranked among the best. You have got to be kidding me!

The best in my experience..I love me some Dallas Love Field.

The best international airports according to US News? The smaller ones as you can imagine:

  • Oakland
  • Houston (Hobby)
  • San Jose, CA
  • Dallas (Love Field)
  • St. Louis

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2 thoughts on “Misery Index

  1. Funny .. .Oakland, Houstin Hobby, and Love Field are all Southwest Airlines “intensive” places. Wonder if that has anything to do with it?
    But for the record, I dread Oakland as it takes FOREVER to get checked in and through security. I’d say DFW is the fastest for me.

  2. I have to say, I am not a big fan of the airport in Cancun, though I have mixed feelings.
    When the wife and I went to the Rivera Maya last April (2006), we walked right through security at D/FW. I hoped this would be the case, but doubted it as my luck goes. But when we got to Cancun, I almost didn’t get into the country. The security people stopped me to check my bag, sent it through x-ray twice, and emptied it three times.
    Once they found what they were looking for, I was let through with the item as it was on the list of things you actually can carry on an airplane.
    Leaving wasn’t too bad, but the airport was pretty crowded considering it was midafternoon on a weekday.
    I admit, I had some VERY small contraband upon hitting US soil. I declared it in generalities on my forms, and when the Customs officials asked me about it, I told him about most of it and he didn’t ask me to elaborate, nor did he ask to see it. (A few cigars that were rolled in Mexico, not illegal, but the other cigar might have been…)
    Once again, I could have walked through with just about anything, and probably made it. And it was NOT busy at the airport. It was 8:30PM on a Wednesday and there were 4 customs officials and only about 60 passengers.
    Is security as tight as it could/should be? Would we, as Americans, be tolerant of strict screening procedures for a prolonged period of time?