Leadership theater_t Today, the NCCC Staff gathered in the upstairs Worship Center for something we call Leadership Theater. It is, quite simply, a time to gather, watch, and discuss great leadership talks given by some of the great leaders of today. Though some of you might find it gross, we usually make popcorn and eat it at 8:30 in the morning (why not?).

Here's why I love it.

1. It's fun. It's fun for the same reason watching a movie with others is fun.
2. It's easy. I don't have to prepare, and neither does anyone. The only prep there is–choosing the talk, turning on the sound and lighting, and making the popcorn.
3. It's productive. Not only do we enjoy it, we learn tons from it, and have some of the best discussions immediately following.

If you can, try doing this once a quarter or every other month in lieu of a typical staff meeting. It'll add a ton. If not, it's great to do on staff retreats as well.

Some of you are wondering where and how to pick out the resources to do this. The good news is that nearly every conference is available on DVD now. So, choose something timely that will equip, or something that will fill the Spirit. Many of the conference DVD's available. also have discussion guides too. Here is a list of some places to look for resources:

1. Willow Creek Leadership Summit archives. The best, bar none…and they come with discussion guides. Here, you can find Bill Hybels, John Ortberg, Erwin McManus, Andy Stanley, and a host of other Christian and business leaders as well.

2. C3 Conference at Fellowship Church. Same.

3. National Pastor's Convention archives.

4. Catalyst Conference archives.

Or, get some from the Pepperdine Bible Lectures–or a Stewardship Conference.

Pick what you watch carefully and by the time you're done, spirits will be full, minds will be stimulated, and, Lord willing, everyone will have something in their toolkit that applies to both the whole church and their ministry.