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Thriller-michael-jackson To many who didn't know him when, Michael Jackson was weird, spooky, or worse. For those of us who grew up in the Thriller or Jackson 5 years…he was awesome. Michael Jackson's popularity in the 80's is the only thing to come close to rivaling that of the Beatles or Elvis. To make grown men want to wear red leather jackets and white sequin gloves on one hand…you've got to be special 🙂

I'm sure the media will do a much better job analyzing his life than I could…but there's no question that Michael was a tortured soul.

R.I.P Michael.

What was your favorite Michael Jackson song?

For me…there were so many:

  • I'll Be There
  • ABC
  • I Want You Back
  • PYT
  • Beat It
  • Man in the Mirror
  • Human Nature

What's yours?

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4 thoughts on “Michael Jackson

  1. My favorite songs are:
    You rock my world
    You are not alone
    Man in the mirror

  2. No. As I said in the post… I’ll leave life/spiritual analysis to those who will do a better job. Rest in Peace is a blessing. Favorite songs is a way of celebrating his artistry. What would you have me do? Certainly no disrespect intended.

  3. Don’t you think “R.I.P.” and “favorite songs” seem a tad flippant about “a tortured soul” that has left this life?

  4. I’m going with Smooth Criminal (half because of the video for it). However since the dance for Thriller has been preserved, it rocks as well.
    Speaking on popularity- Thriller is the ONLY album EVER to sell over 100 million copies. The next closest? AC/DC Back in Black with 45 million. He also earned 18 Grammies and hundreds of other awards.
    This is the legend I will remember…