Tomorrow is Memorial Day. Here in Texas, it’ll be raining some tomorrow…so the typical BBQ and hang-out day is going to be somewhat lower octane.

Be that as it may, this year, I can’t help but think about what Memorial Day is…a day on which we remember fallen soldiers.

America today is a hyper-critical habitat. We have easy answers to why we should or shouldn’t be in Iraq. Some believe that our country is an tyrannical world force, with little or no consideration for others in the world. I must ask reverently, "Say What?"

Tomorrow, I’ll give thanks for the soldiers who have fallen through the years so that we can even debate such a thing in the public forum. Freedom is a beautiful thing…and we owe it, at least in part, to their sacrifice.

Tomorrow, I’ll remember that the slain in Iraq were killed by terrorists, and pray for a more peaceful world.

Tomorrow, I’ll pray for the courage of a soldier…an increasingly rare beauty.

And I’ll BBQ and hang out, knowing that I’ll be safe…thanks to them.