Tomorrow, I’m blessed to be a part of a funeral for a Highland Oaks member that is recently past. Though often difficult, many of my most fulfilling pastoral moments have been by the graveside or coffin, helping someone through one of life’s most difficult experiences.

Today, I was at a luncheon where the speaker talked about the difficulty of losing a spouse. He remarked that while women are often devastated by the loss of their husbands…men simply cannot live without their spouses. In fact, he said, this is why so many men remarry so quickly, and often to younger women. They don’t want to risk another death.

I don’t know if he’s right or not. But, I know losing Emily would be unspeakably tough.

Why the depressing post? Because there’s still time for us to love our loved ones today. Do something nice for your wife or husband. Send her flowers. Cook him his favorite meal. Tell her how much you love her or tell him how proud you are of him.For, they are one of God’s greatest gifts. So don’t go through life looking like the couple in this picture. Smile, and enjoy the blessing of love and marriage.