Dallas Skyline with Clouds It was a little less than a year ago that the Spiveys bid adieu to Dallas, Texas, which had been our home for 6 years. I hadn't been back until 4 days ago. I didn't know what to expect. Would I be sad, happy, nostalgic?

In truth, there's been a little bit of all that. In many ways I'm completely immersed in my former life. I'm even driving my old car, which I sold to my father-in-law last summer. I've been hanging around old comrades, old friends…eating my favorite restaurants in the area. Emily and I even drove by the Highland Oaks building on our way to meet some friends. On the whole, it has been a low drama affair.

After 4 days here, here's how I would summarize my feelings: It reminds me a bit of how I used to feel when I visited Long Beach. It feels very familiar–and the memories are good. Rather than it being home, it's where we once lived and where family lives now. Dallas is a great city. Emily and I will always hold it in high esteem as a great place with great churches and great people. We will cherish our friends here always.

Home is San Diego for us now, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We talked today about how we missed worshiping at North County. Worshiping at Richland Hills this morning with Em's family was a great experience, and one that re-expanded (if that's a word) my vision for what God can do through NCCC. Nevertheless, we miss the people and the worship at NCCC. 

A  few  more days in  Dallas,  and then it's study time. I believe God will work mightily through that time. I would appreciate any prayers you might be willing to offer that God would grant focus, mental/emotional stamina, spiritual filling, wisdom and creativity during that time.

When we get back to NCCC…I get to preach on the victory at the battle of Jericho. How fun is that going to be 🙂

PS… someone needs to create a symbol that incorporates the smiley face and the Question Mark… See my last sentence. If you come up with one… I want royalties 🙂