D22Today, I’m in beautiful (hmmm…..) Abilene, Texas. I’m hoping to put a wrap on theJesus: the Word made Flesh…to be published my College Press and released around Thanksgiving or so. They’ve been great to work with. I also hope to move the ball down the field further on my final doctoral project–on the spiritual formation of generosity of people. One more objective…a little spiritual renewal.

I feel a good spiritual hunger these days. For me, it manifests itself in the desire to read (Scripture and good books), and the desire to listen to Christian music (primarily the praise variety).

I’m reading a book by Wayne Cordeiro, entitled, the Divine Mentor. Cordeiro is a great student of Scripture in the truest sense of the term–he goes to Scripture looking to listen for God’s voice. So far, so good. I’m about 60 pages in.

Saturday morning, I wandered through the local Christian book store. Some things stood out.

  • The number of specialized bibles–the Men’s, Women’s, Firefighter’s, Student’s, etc.
  • How large the section devoted to the NKJV and NIV was compared to all other translations.
  • How much "Jesus stuff" there was…art, sculptures, paintings, etc.
  • How good it smells…like a thousand candles burning.
  • How peaceful it was…totally quiet…like a library…except for the cheesy music in the background.

Cheesy music aside…I still love to scower the shelves with no time limit…absolutely love it.