New LeadCast addressing the difficult subject of ministerial transition. Decisions of this sort are life and church-altering and must be discerned with great care. My friend Wade Hodges is nearly finished with an E-book on this subject, and having read some rough drafts, I would highly recommend picking it up when it’s released (likely toward the end of the year).

One point of clarity: in the early part of the LeadCast, I say the 4 things are based in part on my spiritual biography. What I mean is not that all of these things have happened to me personally and explain my own ministry transitions. Rather, I’m saying that based on my journey and that of my colleagues, I can discern these four reasons to be legitimate. I hope that makes sense 🙂

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this: What’s missing? What’s in here that shouldn’t be? Why is pastoral transition typically so messy?

The Leadcast discusses briefly 4 legitimate reasons a minister might consider making a transition. (Length: 6:59) .

When it’s Time to Leave

Click here for an excerpt of Wade Hodges’ forthcoming book from his “Preacher Geek” blog.