Last night was the first combined gathering of Christians at the new HOCC Plano campus, set to open August 5th of this year. About 450 people attended and a great time was had by all. In five minutes, I will leave my office for a month sabbatical. I’m thankful to my elders for not only permitting it, but blessing it.

I’m not burned out. I’m not on the verge of divorce. I’m just trying to run this marathon we call ministry well. August 5th will begin a new era of ministry for Highland Oaks and for me. As I approach the completion of five wonderful years at Highland Oaks. I look forward to many more. I’m thrilled and excited about the opening of the second HOCC campus in Plano. I’m excited about a lot of other ministry opportunities that the Lord is bringing our way. So, I’m taking some time away from the pulpit to read, reflect, study, write, research, and vacation. This is ministry in it’s own way. I’ll be blogging, so check back often.