I've been at North Coast Church today, and will be tomorrow as well. North Coast is a terrific church, and Larry Osborn has been a mentor to me from afar for a while. The conference I'm attending is called "Sticky Church." Weird name–it essentially is talking about being a healthy church that has a closed back door. This week, I'll be sharing some of the insights from the conference.Before North Coast was running nearly 8,000 people per weekend, they were running 150. then, Osborn says, he adopted these 4 new priorities.

1. Develop a healthy leadership team. Amen, brother.

2. Shepherd the flock I already had. "Don't use the people you have to reach the people you want to have." Another good word.
3. Become a believer targeted, seeker sensitive church–a user friendly, seeker expectant church. Let people see the church being the church…but really be the church. Amen.
4. Learn to foster long-term, Christ-centered relationships. Again, amen.

More tomorrow.