Sunday was the best day of Labor Day Weekend. After a wonderful time of worship at HOCC, I participated in the annual HOFFL (Highland Oaks Fantasy Football League) draft. 14 of us gathered in the elders conference room–transformed into a draft room–for a time of fellowship and cut-throat competition. Good times.

Then myself, Emily, my sister and brother-in-law (in town from SoCal) for the weekend went over to Southlake and had dinner outside at BRIO. I recommend the Veal Marsala. Then, we spent an hour or two in the hot tub at Em’s parent’s house. Lovely.

"God enjoys our enjoying." This is true. He loves when we work for Him. He loves it when we simply "be" with Him. But, He also loves to see us enjoy what he has made. This was his vision for the world when he created it…that we enjoy creation forever. Not necessarily Veal Marsala and hot tubs (though perhaps!). But, God loves to see his children enjoy His world. Here was a question that we mulled over the weekend…if you only had one day and fifty dollars at your disposal, what would you for maximum enjoyment?