Malibu_sunset_20051229_700 I spent most of today in think-tank gatherings. Good stuff.

The first half of the day was spent on Pepperdine's West L.A. Campus learning and brain-storming with Dr. Ken Canfield and some other church leaders. We were trying to think of ways that Pepperdine's Boone Center for the Family could provide more effective and precise resources for the church in the area of family studies. Keep your eye on the Boone Center. My hunch is that they will become a signficant leader in providing resources for family life in churches in the years ahead. At NCCC, we've been busy as a staff looking at some new ways to better minister to families…many of whom seem to be breaking apart at an alarming rate. This was time very, very well spent.

The second half of the day was spent with Southern California preachers brainstorming ways to become more faithful and effective in our contexts. Much of the discussion stemmed from some interaction some of us had with David Kinnaman and his book, UnChristian…which will certainly wake up the reader. The SoCal preachers are a very intelligent, immensely talented group that, in my opinion, have immense gifting and leadership capacity. If we actually start cooperating and leading faithfully, God can do some amazing stuff.

The day finished with a drive down PCH at sunset with the top down. Most excellent. God is alive and working. It's good to see people sitting down and getting serious about ministry that is both thoughtful and effective. Now, it's time to eat with an old friend and talk ministry at one of Malibu's great places to eat.

Thank you, Lord, for creating such a beautiful world, and for letting me play on the field of ministry.