Body I've decided to get back in shape. Why? Because I'm not.

That bothers me.

It bothers me for a couple of reasons. First, because I feel crummy. I feel soooo much better when I'm in shape. Second, because I do believe my body is a Temple of God's Spirit. So, rather than continue to add rooms to that temple, I've decided to recommit myself to exercise and proper diet. I'm not overweight, according to weight charts…but I love good food…and I weigh a great deal more than when I married Emily.

Now, take that snicker back.

I weighed 148 pounds on our wedding day (almost morbidly thin) and have now made it to…well…a bit higher than that 🙂 For 6'3, my weight is not yet a complete disaster. But, if I don't take this seriously now…it's going to be much harder to whip this old temple into shape properly.

However, here's the question I've had to deal with: What constitutes good stewardship of one's body? Is our body really a temple? Or, is that something we say when we want to keep teenagers from smoking? If our body really is a temple, then is eating a chili dog, an ice cream sandwich, or drinking a cup of coffee a sin? How about eggs? Science tells us they are both bad and good for us. 

It seems to me that if one takes the whole body as temple thing seriously, could one consider virtually anything harmful to it to be a potential sin. But, what is healthy? Is it low calories, low fat, and who dictates what is low?

What do you think? What constitutes a faithful response to the truth that our body is temple of God's Spirit?