Stainedglasslogo It is my joy to introduce you to San Diego county's newest church–New Vintage. Sunday night at 5pm at the facility of Ranchland Church in Rancho Bernardo we'll gather for the first time. For directions, use the map at the bottom of this post. I'll be preaching and Peter Wilson will be leading worship. It's going to be an impactful night of worship.

Tonight isn't a "hard launch" or even a "soft launch." Gatherings through December are just initial gatherings for worship, prayer, Communion, and vision. One of the things I'm most excited about is the number of people with no church affiliation who plan to join us already–whether tomorrow night or down the line a bit. 

I know some will want to know a lot more about NVC, so I will begin posting details this week. The NVC website should go live sometime this week, as well. For now, writing ministry plans, creating outreach strategies, raising resources for this baby church are keeping me plenty occupied.

For the latest, you can visit the New Vintage Church – San Diego fan page on Facebook, or follow @newvintagesd on Twitter.


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