In 2008, there was no way to avoid caring about the presidential election. You had both Barack Obama and Sarah Palin in the mix…and you had a political fervor in the air like I hadn't seen in my lifetime. With the mid-term elections just around the corner, it seems a bit quiet by comparison…even more quiet than you would expect given it's not a presidential election. The stakes are high this November on both sides of the aisle. So, I'm wondering if it's still too far off for people to be seriously interested or if we all have election hangover from 2008. Perhaps it's the general sense that mid-term elections don't matter very much.

Here's the question: On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you care? I'll give it a 7. There are two important Senate races in California, and I'm interested to see how the balance of power shifts in Washington this November.

How about you? What races do you find compelling…or… if it doesn't matter to you… why not?