I've been head down (i.e., working hard) at NCCC lately, and have thus posted a bit less frequently and perhaps a bit more shallowly than I would have like over the past couple of weeks. But, it isn't just that. I have had anything to say.

So, I flippantly updated my Facebook status saying I was uninspired to write a blog post.

Immediately, ideas came flying in…

  • Daniel Tamayo suggested: "What Jesus would do to fix the economic crisis."
  • Craig Mashburn…always dry and funny… said, "Why is it we drive on parkways and park on driveways. Now blog."
  • Howard Medlock suggested something on the Golden Rule.

I thought, "What better to write on when you're going through a writing dry spell than uninspiration itself.

There are a lot of reasons I find myself getting a bit dried up. Some of the typical reasons are:

  • Fatigue – when you're tired, it's tough to be sharp, creative, inspired…or even nice.
  • Rapidfire depletion – With a message to prep for Sunday, sometimes Wednesday, 4-5 blog posts a week, a doctoral project, books, articles, emails, Facebook, Twitter, etc… , numerous meetings, etc…what's left to say? For those of us who traffic in words for a living, this is a big danger.
  • Spiritual depletion – The Holy Spirit is the one who inspires…and He's the One who leaves manna on the ground for us to feed on and pass out to others. If I'm not spiritually en fuego…or at least in tact…
  • Just feeling like I've talked enough… (no jokes, please.)

And sometimes, you can't really explain why. That's where I am, right now. I feel as though my life is in decent balance. Spiritually, I feel relatively healthy. I might be just a bit tired…but nothing more than usual. So, what's going on?

Maybe it's God's way of saying to me, "Go do something else." "Go pray…or play golf, or read something, or sleep…just stop talking."


I will.

Glad the sermon is finished. Thanks for the manna, Lord.

Until Sunday at 9, I'll try to remember the words of Ausonius, "The one who does not know how to be silent will not know how to speak."