Happy Independence Day!

There. I said it. Was that so hard? Not for me.

For whatever reason, some Christians these days seem to have difficulty simply being thankful for our country. When, on some occasion, they attempt to do so, they often feel as though they must put an asterisk by it…making it clear they are not trying to suggest America is better than anyone else and pointing out the various problems America has. They also want to make sure that the church isn’t confusing patriotism with worship on a day like today—one on which we both celebrate Independence Day and worship our Lord.

I certainly believe that we shouldn’t confuse America with the church itself or God with Democracy, etc. However, I feel as though today it’s best for us to lighten up a bit and feel free to celebrate our nation. The story of America is a remarkable story, and one to which those who speak freely against her are indebted. To celebrate our country is OK. Interestingly, critics of national holidays think it’s OK for other nations to celebrate their holidays. They’re right of course. It is OK. It’s also OK for Americans to celebrate.

Celebrating Independence Day is like celebrating an anniversary. On my anniversary, I don’t feel the need to stop and point out the various problems with my spouse (not that there are any J) or make it clear to those around me that I don’t think my wife is better than anyone else. You just simply celebrate what you have. I don’t think it’s wrong at all to celebrate America. So…

To the Founding Fathers and others who played a role in helping gain our freedoms, thank you.

To those who protect our freedoms, thank you.

Happy Independence Day.

There, I said it.

You should, too.

*this post adapted from a previous post.