It's 2:12am.

I'm up.

Up because the biggest lightning bolt

the finger of God

struck near our house about 5 minutes ago.

It made my heart race.

It made me sit up straight.

It set off kid toys upstairs.

It made me check on the kids.

It made me wonder if it hit the house.

Now I'm up.

And all I can do

is think


That I'll have a hard time going back to sleep

about lots of things

about the graciousness of God's people yesterday…um…2 days ago now.

How tired I am

How I have class in 6 hours

How I wish I was a better sleeper

How I look forward to knowing what's next

And then I remember the loud and brilliant reminder

I got about 5 minutes ago…or 7 minutes ago

That God is…


in control.

And to fear Him

is the beginning of wisdom

And to trust Him

is the beginning of rest

through the storm

Thank you, Lord

for that simple reminder

of what is most true

and most real.