When I was a boy, I used to ask my dad to play catch with me on a regular basis. I thought it was a few times a week. Looking back on it, it’s probably more accurate to say it was two or three times a day. As I recall, he never refused me. That was such a blessing to me as a young boy. I’d often give him an out…letting him know we could do it later if he was too busy. He would often say, “I’ll always have time for the other.” It was his way of saying that playing catch with me was something he valued. Now, I’m a dad od two daughters sitting poolside in Palm Springs wanting desperately to tan my fat and unplug by getting into a good book. Then, a little voice comes from the pool… “Dad! Come swim with us!” And I tell them I’ll be right there. After all, I’ll blink and they’ll be married and have little ones of their own. And so I remind myself that I can read later, but splashing with my daughters? Not forever. So, here’s to a big cannon ball and lots of fun. I’ll read tonight.img00036