12060011 I love Preachers. Always will. But…

Today, I sat through an amazing presentation by Tim Woodruff on preaching at the NACC. It really was tremendous. In it, Tim talked about the importance of quality preaching.

Then, during the Q & A, a Brother who I'm sure loves the Lord…said,

"Tell me if you think I'm wrong. I believe that 80% of church members can't tell the difference between a good sermon and a bad sermon. That's been my rationale (i.e, for not spending much time in prep)"


Let alone that even if he was right–that still doesn't excuse poor sermon preparation. Do you think he's right about the percentage? I don't. If anyone really can't tell the difference, the number can't be high…no more than 5%. What do you think? Is he right? Am I wrong? What percentage would you say can't tell the difference?

Please tell me why you think they can't tell the difference…and why you think they can?

In general, I think preachers are more guilty of preaching beneath the church, not over it's head.

There, the pot is officially stirred 🙂