This prayer is from my prayerful friend, Ray. It’s called, "I am the Blind Man." It is challenging but necessary that we are all but beggars given the bread of life.

I Am the Blind Man

Lord, without you I am the blind man.

Sitting on the sidelines of life, I am

a beggar. Hoping someone will notice

me and toss me some

spare change. Maybe enough to make

it for one more day. My hope of

anything better has long since vanished.

And I am reduced to despair.


Lord, without you I am the blind man.

I can’t see the beauty of the world.

A smile escapes my notice. A sunset

fades unseen. A
friend’s need goes

unmet in my darkness. And your

bounty and beauty are wasted

on me because no light gets

into my eyes or brightens my way.


Lord, without you I am the blind man.

How did all this start? Did

my vision begin to fail when my

pride began to rule? Did my sight

dim when carelessness or

greed gained a foothold in my heart?

Have I for so long depended on

myself instead of you that darkness won the day?


Lord, without you I am the blind man.

Pass by, please, one more time

and call me to your side. I’ll tell

you, as before, that what I want—

what I need—more than anything

else is to see clearly. I want to see

your face. I
want to see what is real.

I want to see you and follow, praising.