I have been known to be a bit of an apologist for those in my generation. Rightfully so, I thought. For this… I have no excuse. Only laughter, crying, and … well… perhaps a bit a throw up in my mouth… I will choose to believe that these folks meant well, and just had an idea that got out of hand…but…Under the title, "The Worst Worship Ever?" from YouTube….watch, and be amazed…

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9 thoughts on “Huh?

  1. Odd, yes.
    Worst, no.
    Without knowing the nature of the people involved it’s hard for me to be too harsh on them. Maybe this isn’t out of line for their style of worship.
    I didn’t recognize anything as anti-biblical, and they seemed for the most part to enjoy it. If they’re giving glory to God, and causing no harm, let them be as odd as they want to be.
    By the way, the production quality of the video was excellent.

  2. I guess for me it would be this – if David was OK in doing what he did, dancing with all his might before the Lord, even to the point where some thought it was a bit overboard, and at the end of the day God was not only OK with it but defended it and was offended at one who spoke against it, then leading others into something like that couldn’t be bad, could it? God saw something in David’s heart that he liked, something that came bursting out, according to some, as an “undignified dance”. God seemed OK with it. I think He would be OK with it in whoever (or whomever) offered the same to Him if their hearts are in the same place. I tend to give people like this in this video credit that their hearts are good and sincere. God is the only one who knows for sure. That is why Michal’s lesson is so valuable. We can’t judge the heart like He can and does.
    I’m just wondering if part of the offense with this video is because we haven’t fully grasped the idea of “celebrating before the Lord”. David was celebrating God’s faithfulness in bringing the ark back. The folks in this video are celebrating Jesus by having, I love this, a “Holy Ghost hoe down”! (I’ve been singing that part for a couple days now.) Celebration is something that was definitely avoided and frowned upon in my cofc upbringing. I have begun to break out of those chains and have started to celebrate my love for Christ instead of saving my joy and celebration for when my NFL team scores a touchdown. God deserves my highest praise and celebration.
    Thanks for the discussion. 🙂

  3. Brad… I understand the point about Michael…lot’s of people brought it up in the YouTube dialogue…there are some key differences though…in my opinion. One would be that David did was he himself was led to do…he wasn’t led in doing it by someone else. To me, the blame goes to the worship leader more than the crowd…who I think will watch it on video later and go… “huh?” In fact, you can see it on the faces of some of the people in the crowd. But they got spun round round…

  4. Sorry, but I thought it was AWESOME! OK, maybe waving stinky socks in the air is a bit gross, but people losing it for the Lord I can deal with. I kept thinking of David dancing with all his might. I can hear the king of Israel right now, “Raise your hands in the eeyaa, and wave ’em like you just don’t ceeyaa!” Cool. And I try not to forget Michael and what happened to her.