No one wins all the time. In the church world, it’s even confusing to know what’s a win and what’s a loss.

On our better days, we know what a win is–and we know it can sometimes look like a loss.

Sometimes, though, we just don’t get it done. The idea doesn’t work. The offerings aren’t there. Something beyond our control puts a damper on something we hoped would make a huge difference. It just didn’t happen.

I learned a long time ago that part of being a “winner” in God’s eyes was being a good loser. That’s to say, don’t stop trying, stop creating, stop searching, or stop risking just because something didn’t work. Don’t kick the dirt, cuss or throw a fit. Don’t lose faith or be discouraged easily. Don’t let naysayers convince you’re an idiot that shouldn’t try anything like that again.

Learn everything you can from it and move on.

Thank God for teaching you something through it.

And move on, more wise (hopefully) than you were before.

Lose well, my friends, for losing well is foundation for winning well down the road. Trying or doing almost anything means making yourself vulnerable to failure. So, when you win…celebrate and give God the glory. When it doesn’t happen, lose well…and you’ll give God glory anyway.