Spot I'm a grace guy. I love grace.

I need it. Everyone does.

Having said that, I am running out of it when it comes to Hollywood.

The way David Letterman has responded to his shortcomings (making jokes about it), and the advocacy some stars have shown for Roman Polanski this week have left me wondering if these are the same people who would run a person out of the industry for using a politically incorrect term. This week has made me want to turn off my television for good and cancel my NetFlix subscription.

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I have a beef with overt hypocrisy…especially when it comes to those who are harsh toward the shortcomings of others. I have a tough time being patient with those who aggrandize the mistakes of some while overlooking those who are "one of them."

Yet, I believe in grace.

What are we to do with Hollywood?

It seems that there must seem some alternative to cutting ties completely. While it's true that Hollywood isn't know for it's purity, neither are those I try to reach for Christ on a daily basis. So, it seems to me there must be something other than severing all contact with Hollywood that can be done.

What is it?