Spot I'm a grace guy. I love grace.

I need it. Everyone does.

Having said that, I am running out of it when it comes to Hollywood.

The way David Letterman has responded to his shortcomings (making jokes about it), and the advocacy some stars have shown for Roman Polanski this week have left me wondering if these are the same people who would run a person out of the industry for using a politically incorrect term. This week has made me want to turn off my television for good and cancel my NetFlix subscription.

Those of you who read this blog regularly know that I have a beef with overt hypocrisy…especially when it comes to those who are harsh toward the shortcomings of others. I have a tough time being patient with those who aggrandize the mistakes of some while overlooking those who are "one of them."

Yet, I believe in grace.

What are we to do with Hollywood?

It seems that there must seem some alternative to cutting ties completely. While it's true that Hollywood isn't know for it's purity, neither are those I try to reach for Christ on a daily basis. So, it seems to me there must be something other than severing all contact with Hollywood that can be done.

What is it?

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5 thoughts on “Hollywood

  1. I actually agree with each of you. Todd’s point about not lumping “all” people together is one well taken, and something I wasn’t intending to do in using “Hollywood” as a general, descriptive phrase. Obviously, I also wasn’t insinuating that the church is sin-free. There are sinners and sin everywhere. However, that doesn’t wash everything out and make us all the same in substance.
    There are lots of god-loving people in Hollywood, and that should be noted. However, in my opinion, Hollywood is generally hostile toward Christians and Christianity. Christianity returns the favor…and this creates ongoing tension between the “camps.”
    As I mentioned…seceding doesn’t seem right to me. Universal labeling and dismissing doesn’t either. At the same time…it’s hard for me to continue to be supportive of anyone or any institution that makes a joke of adultery for ratings, or who wants to shrug off child rape. That is my opinion whether in or out of the church.
    Further thoughts welcomed. Great comments, guys.

  2. I agree with “happy” who said that it is important not to lump all of Hollywood into one monolithic entity. I have a real problem when we do this with Hollywood or with the government because it’s just not accurate. There are many people in Hollywood of faith, and there are many others who love justice, mercy and grace who do not share our faith. I know actors, camera grips, producers, and writers all who love God and who live lives of integrity. When we lump all of Hollywood into one big group of sinners, this undermines the calling and ministry of those people that are legitimate and often done without too much support of the church.
    As we speak this morning, I’m putting the finishing touches on a major conference here at the end of October as well as a dinner that will bring together people of faith from “Hollywood” such as the president of Disney studios, the VP of Story at FOX Studios, A list directors, the lead singer of The Fray, and others. If you are interested, google “Wedgewood Circle” and please attend.
    So, before we throw the baby out with the bath water, let’s be sure that we give honor to those artists in Hollywood who are living lives of faith and integrity. Behold, the Lord says, “Lift up your eyes. I have many people in this city.”
    Aside from this, I share your concern, but I think you would find the same issues in the Church (look at the Catholic church and its way of handling the pedophilia) and business. It’s not about Hollywood — it’s about “us”.

  3. “Judgment without mercy is demonic. Mercy without judgment is mere sentimentality.” (Paul Tillich) A review of Reinhold Niebuhr’s Judgment and Mercy would be helpful to help all of us restore a proper balance in our view of God as both “just and justifier” (Romans 3:26).

  4. Though I too have a tough time with Hollyweird, I know they don’t speak for everyone in the industry. I’m also aware that even though their sins are paraded around on TMZ that I’m lucky that no one is falling me day in and day out. I’m not trying to let them off the hook, Polanski needs to be held accountable, and Letterman “in my mind” needs to humble himself. But again, I’m not perfect and thus hope my peers (a jury off) will be forgiving of my shortcomings.