I continue to get a lot of questions about how things are going with the multi-site campus arrangement. The answer is…better than expected. Attendance at the Dallas campus is up about 250 from summer numbers, and attendance is a steady 300+ at the Plano campus. Of course, attendance is only part of the story. More importantly, the Spirit is good, and we are in a position to focus more precisely on reaching our communities. Right now, Plano is running on a few ministries, with several new ministries set to begin this year. Please keep it in your prayers.

The commute factor has been an adjustment for me…more from a relational standpoint than an energy standpoint. My energy is actually higher now than before, because I’m free from having to worry about the operational affairs of the church and can focus on spiritual preparation for preaching.

I believe the Lord is blessing both campuses of Highland Oaks right now. We are in "refinement" mode now…trying to get better at what we’re doing, and looking forward to what lies ahead. We have several cool things in store for next year outreach wise…and will have some more by the time the new year rolls around…if the Lord provides. Of course, that’s just the programmatic side. The incarnational side is what we’re focusing on now.

Do you think outreach programming even works? If so, what kind?