All right, I just got the final videos for tomorrow’s Easter service. Our theme this year is, "He makes all things new," from Revelation 21:8. I’ll try and get them all on here. If I can’t I’ll attach them to some future posts. One is a montage of verses that speak of newness. Another is the reading of the Revelation texts with a tie-in to the theme visually throughout. The last is the AWESOME preview to a new series entitled "Made" that begins next Sunday. The series is six weeks on the 7 days of creation.

Clint Loveness, Jason Ratliff, Chad Higgins, Meagan Block, Becky Burroughs and others are such a blessing to work with.  This year at the Pepperdine Lectures, we will be presenting a class called, "The Creative Church of Christ." If you get the opportunity to check it out, I hope you will. We work hard, but have lots of fun too.