Carrie Perjean Most of us, by now, have heard the swirl of controversy surrounding Miss California – Carrie Prejean. As such, I won't recount the "controversy" here. Despite that Perez Hilton's question was a setup and really had no business in the pageant–and despite the fact that his subsequent and vulgar comments have left no doubt about his class or honesty–and despite the fact that Carrie Prejean is, as an American, entitled to certain rights–and despite the fact that I agree with her position on gay marriage–here's what I loved most about her comments…

They were spoken at her moment of truth. Let's remember…It was her chance to become Miss USA! This is no small thing. There were plenty of ways for her speak in hazy or spineless way that might have allowed her the crown. Or, she could say what her Christian convictions were…and risk losing it. She chose rightly.

It's a shame that she would be at risk for voicing her perspective, but our world is changing. Rarely these days does a Christian face that sort of public testing of their willingness to stand firm in what Scripture teaches about marriage–or any other subject. Rarely are Christians, in so public a fashion, forced to (on the spot) answer a question in such a way that they must choose between achieving their earthly dream or failing the test of Christian conviction…all of it in front of millions.

Say what you want about her perspective. Say what you want about beauty contestants. But, don't say Carrie Perjean is a coward. She did what many Christians, frankly, couldn't do: She chose one crown over another when really put to the test, and she made the right choice.